Policy debates on 5 May hosted by IPQ and EURAMET

How will the proposed European Partnership on Metrology foster research to deliver on global challenges & support innovation and digital transformation in Europe?

IPQ and EURAMET are hosting two policy debates on 5 May:

How the proposed European Partnership on Metrology supports the digital and green transitions >>


Climate neutral by 2050: the role of measurement science networks in delivering the EU’s Green Deal >>

News Highlights

New faster methods for measuring energy absorption from mobile phones

EMPIR project has improved measurements for the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when using smartphones

Mobile phones
EMPIR project gives first access to algorithms used for MR-based EPT

Assessing new MRI technologies using quantitative methods for more accurate clinical diagnoses

MRI scan
New primary method for temperature measurement moves a step closer

Two EURAMET funded projects help redefine the kelvin, reach the world’s lowest temperature measurement uncertainties and demonstrate a new way to meas...

high thermal of chipset on electronic circuit board